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AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?

#1261 18.06.2017 23:22:19

Re: AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?


GE12 PW /INA - 12x26x16/12



#1262 24.06.2017 03:52:18

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Re: AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?

Srovnání AJP PR5 vs SWM RS300R ,autor srovnání vlastnil AJP,teď má SWM
Zdroj fcb: AJP Owners Club UK
Danny Marsh Davies Brian Kilgour...... here is a post I did recently regarding both bikes 👍

I thought some of you chaps might like an up date on my experiences with my SWM RS300r over my ajp pr5 as some of you asked me to keep you posted on how I was getting on 👍


For build quality I would say both bikes are are pretty much on par with each other as both bikes are well screwed together and so far both bikes have proved very durable and solid and reliable ...if I had to choose I would say the SWM had the edge just slightly due to the finer detail in materials used .... just silly things like the wheel spacers nuts and bolts etc and the SWM looks and feels more solid and put together over the ajp when you ride it...but there's really not much in it to be honest.


The SWM comes out on top here for me with its following better standard spec a specially when you consider both bikes cost the same.

1. BREMBRO BRAKES....far more efficient brakes that pulls you up well.....far better for on road sections. I find they can be a little fierce for green laning but you do get use to it however the pr5 brakes are adequate

2. Hydraulic Magura clutch.... really nice compared to cable operated pr5 the hydraulic clutch is very light and smooth and makes changing gear a breeze

3. Mikuni fuel injection system.... to be fair I never had any problems with the ajp fuel injection system... however I did not have to buy a ejk fuel controller to stop a jerky throttle or erratic high and low revs on cold start up and stalling at low revs like with the pr5 ....the SWM RS300r works straight out the box with no problems

4. Kyb suspension.... well it seems you either love the pr5 Sachs suspension or not.... sadly I always struggled with the pr5 Sachs suspension although I did get it working quite well for me after fitting ohlins rear spring and race tech front springs both of a higher kg spring rate and a full suspension setup ..... however for me the kyb suspension works better straight out the box I have adjusted it slightly and it works great 👍

Power ??.... well power is not everything but for road sections between lanes the SWM RS300r is better but to be fair it is 37bhp compared to my pr5 that was 30bhp.

General road manners

SWM has far better road manners in terms of how it rides and feels and behaves on the road .... and keeps up with traffic with ease although my pr5 was acceptable 👍

TYRES ON TARMAC....Tyre choice on both bike were very similar from factory and are as good as each other in terms of road holding a specially when you consider they are knobbies on Enduro trail bikes.

TYRES OFF ROAD .... both great .... the SWM runs a 140 rear witch gives a nicer ride but the pr5 120 tyre was better in narrow ruts

WHITCH IS BETTER OFF ROAD .... well this is so difficult to answer as they both have there strengths

It really comes down to what terrain you most like to ride

For wide open track and bigger green lanes the SWM comes into its own and works very well and even does the tricky ruts and stodgy technical stuff well and seems to glide over the terrain nicely with ease.

The SWM on paper is lighter but feels a tad heavier probably due to the fuel tank up top but again you do get use to it and its not really a problem

The standing position on the SWM works well for me at 5ft 10" and I don't get back ache as the pr5 was lower to the bars stood up but I did over come this with some home made raisers

NOW THEN.... if your into tight wooded technical stuff and you like climbing the ajp comes into its own with its soft controllable linear power delivery with that single cam engine....also I found it easier to control when going very slow when you needed to when it came to negotiating very tricky ruts and terrain or tight sections.

The ajp feels lighter to ride and is less top heavy and feels more nimble...also the ajp is more slender and easier to flick and weight the pegs .... although the SWM is good

Also when you ride the pr5 you feel more involved and part of the bike .... the pr5 gives you great feed back all of the time.

The SWM riding off road does not give you so much feed back and you can at times feel just slightly detached from the bike but I'm being very picky to be fair.

The pr5 feels more like an old school Enduro bike to ride and is full of charm

ALSO SOME THINGS WORTH NOTING...... the plastics on the pr5 feel thicker and more durable... the plastics on my new SWM feel thinner and not so pliable but they seem ok

The side stand on the SWM is not as strong as the pr5 I could stand and get on the bike with that pr5 side stand If I wanted too

The SWM gearbox is a lot smoother and nicer to use AND I have no problems selecting neutral !! Un Like the pr5 ok just a silly thing really but could be annoying !!

The swm rs300r has a short ratio box this is fun off road ... but does become tiresome with on road riding ... however I have sorted this with a more suitable sprocket configuration and it's now ok 👍

The SWM seat is not as comfy and is taller than the pr5 but at 5ft 10" I manage ok but ideally would be taller 👍

So that's my thoughts and what I have found to date !! Not really an out right winner as both have there good and bad points !!

I was a little down on the SWM RS300r when I first tried the demo bike....but the more I ride it the more I like it and I feel more in tune with the bike.

So in conclusion.... if I had to pick one after all things considered I would pick the SWM RS300r for these reasons ....
1. Slightly better build quality overall
2. Better components fitted
3. More power / suits my terrain I ride
4. Better road manners
5. Service back up / spare parts good
6. U.K. Importers local to me

To be honest though I probably would not of gone in search of another bike had I been able to purchase a new pr5 with service back up and spare parts I probably would of just bought another pr5 but probably the extreme model 👍👍

I hope some of you found this of interest 😊

Here are some spec info and pics too

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#1263 24.06.2017 12:03:38

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Re: AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?


díky, asi jsme ho nejak prehlidl v katalogu big_smile , nakonec jsme si objednal od Prochazky, ale je fajn vedet pripadnou nahradu



#1264 01.07.2017 18:16:47

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Motorka: AJP PR5 250 Enduro
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Re: AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?

Dnes proběhl menší servis na AJP, vyměněny 3x ložiska 6005 RS a 2x gufera 30x47x7 v zadním kole, mimo to jsme vyměnil i to sférické ložisko v přepáčku a vše hezky promazal tukem A00.

Příčina zrezlých ložisek v zadním kole byli vymezovací podložky z hliníku ve kterých byli vyřízlé drážky od gufer a voda a prach se pak mohla dostávat do ložisek. Nové vymezovací podložky jsem si nechal vysoustružit ze železa a hliníkové vyhodil, uvidím jak se to osvědčí. Jinak pro info přikládám výkres (rozměry v závorce jsou pro kratší ložisko), pouze průměr 25 mm je potřeba rozměrově dopasovat dle ložiska, aby tam šlo suvně, řekl bych že tam je tak 24,97 apod., ale nemám čím to změřit přesně. Třeba to někomu pomůže.

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#1265 10.08.2017 17:47:08

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Re: AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?

Na to se už nechá koukat  gp 

Editoval AJP FANS CZ (10.08.2017 17:48:00)

Alles ist Frage der Technik



#1266 11.08.2017 10:15:03

Re: AJP PR5 - Reinkarnace XR250?

A teď si představ. Kdyby měl normální motorku .... možná by z něho i něco bylo  lol  usch 







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