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Divna reakce na inzerat

#21 23.07.2011 18:01:42

Příspěvky: 13
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Motorka: Husaberg FE 501e
Věk: 23
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Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

zdar..Přišel mi taky stejný mail...nevěděl jsem co od toho čeket tak jsem to smazal..další den od stejnýho típka ze jsem vyhrál v australské loterii 980 000 dolarů usch  lol ...kéž by to byla pravda a11 heh11 

Editoval finalfight (23.07.2011 18:12:13)



#22 23.07.2011 18:31:10

Příspěvky: 1163
Založená vlákna
Místo: Valašsko
Motorka: Husaberg FE 550 09, Husaberg TE 250 12, Husqvarna TE 300 15
Věk: 28
Tel: 776588125
8 3

Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

Prodej mojí ktmky....


I'm satisfied with the condition of the bike....
I will be paying you through PayPal ( or bank to bank transfer which is a fast, safe and reliable method of payment..
And i will take care of all Shipment Preparations for the bike to my home in England,
The shipping company will be the one to handle and sign the following on my behalf:
vehicle deregistration at the Police, Control of Originality and the sale of contract will be accessed by the shipping company .

So i will be paying directly into your bank account without any delay. Get back to me with the details below to make the transfer.

Account Holder Name;
Account Number;
Bank Name:
Swift Code:

So once i receive the bank details to make the transfer i will i will go ahead with the payment and then i will contact my shipping company after you get the payment
I will need your home address for the bike to be Picked Up by the Shipping Company after the payment is completed

soonest reply needed

Od: chris anderson

Padám sám,zvedám se sám...



#23 23.07.2011 20:07:14

Příspěvky: 878
Založená vlákna
Místo: Lišov u Č.Budějovic
Motorka: 2ks Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin, jedna se sajdou a jedna sólo
Věk: 35
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Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

Mirdzug napsal(a):


po kratkom chate na gmaily, dospel az do tohto stadia, ale celkom som si ho vychutnala...

ja:  I have a cousin living in London, give me your phone number and he will call you regarding the purchase
mr:  oh thanks there is nothing to worry about
i have all the info i have with the car
so just get back to me with your full bank details or paypal to make the transfer
ja:  will you prepare the contract or should I?
mr:  the shipping company will handle that
i have already contact them and they are ready for the pick
ja:  Will you pay the transport fees?
mr:  yes they need just 300euro for the pick up and other arrangement
ja:  Can you pay cash to my cousin in London instead? I prefer this method.
mr:  hello
are you there?
ja:  yes
mr:  when are you goiung to send the details to make the transfer
ja:  Can you pay cash to my cousin in London instead?
mr:  i wont like a third party
i will like to pay direct to you
ja:  I can prepare power of attorney for him
mr:  who?
ja:  POA for my cousin the act on behalf me
mr:  dont you want to sale me this car?
ja:  yes I want but I want to be sure I get my money
mr:  sure whay wont you
payment before the pick up
ja:  Cash is always cash... even before car is shipped
mr:  but payment will be cleared before the pick up
ja:  you will resell the car? Or you want it for yourself?
mr:  its for my personal
i gave my wife the one i am using before which i also buy from here
and its very easy and good
ja:  is cash ok then?
mr:  bye
ja:  bye
mr:  asshole
ja:  me?
mr:  with regards
ja:  LOL
mr:  lol
are you educated at all?
i dont find a common sense in your words
you dont understand anything
ja:  I checked yourself on the internet... Common scam... lol
mr:  lol
ja:  Try to find out something smarter
mr:  can you please check your brain also?
you are brainless like your father
ja:  you poor...
mr:  like your father
mr:  go fuck your mother

Tak to skončilo moc krásnou konverzací. ano  ano  ano 

Editoval Lasky (23.07.2011 20:11:11)

Slunce v duši, promile v krvi a Heavy Metal v srdci. Haleluja beer



#24 07.08.2011 15:14:34

Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

Ahoj lidi,
tak zaprvé vám chci moc poděkovat, protože taky díky vám jsem odhalila (již zmíněného) . Ke konci jsem se dost bavila, protože už mi bylo jasné, že to opravdu není košer (na což jsem měla podezření od začátku). Pro pobavení (nebo pro odrazení od odpovědi na takové maily) sem také kopíruji konec naší krásné konverzace, dost jsem to vyhrotila a dost jsem se pobavila:
Je to dlouhý a hnusný, ale stojí to za přečtení:-)

já:  some problems with my internet connection..
chris:  oh okay
já:  I'm waiting for the paypal confirmation e-mail... in the meantime I would to ask about some details of the pick up of my motorbike: when do you want to do it and what is your shipping company? Who will undersign the purchase contract?
chris:  the shipping company will do all that on my behalf they will also contact you once the payment is completed
já:  sincerely, I can't understand this way of purchase. How can you be sure that I really give my bike to them? If you once paid the amount, it's paid and nobody can give your money back...
chris:  i dont understand
já:  I think you understad very well. How can you be sure, that the purchase will be completed without any problems and in the contrary - how can I be sure that you send money an if  you do, that you (your shipping company) will pick up my bike without any problems...? No purchase contract was undersigned, I have no security that is all right...
chris:  now i understand this is not my first time of buying this way the car i a using now is bought from and its was picked up be the shipping company without any problem
já:  Nice. But how can I be sure? Can you give me an e-mail address of the former owner of your car? And - sorry that I'm so curious - why do you want my motorcycle? You haven't seen it, you don't know if it is in the condition I wrote, you don't know if it looks likeon my pictures and last but not least you don't know if it works or exists at all...
chris: bye
chris:  i cant be begging you to send my money
já:  OK, now I'm sure whoyou are. The trickster whos name I read on the list of internet tricksters. I'm glad that we have list like that, where other people write their bad experiences with their internet purchases. I'll give you one good board at the end: you shoul chage your name, when you want to continue deceiving...
chris:  YOU BIG FOOL those who wrote my name on the internet is just a fool guy like you that i was trying to buy and they all accuse me of bullshit
chris:  get lost whore
já:  Maybe I'm a big fool. But if you weren't who I mean, you'll write me some reasons, some answers and also the e-mail address of the former owner of your car!
whore? Thank you for your compliment. Better whore than trickster:-)
chris:  you made a mistake
chris:  ok bye love
já:  If I made a mistake, you would decently refuse to complete the purchase. Bye and I wish happy deceiving in the future!
chris:  but did i ask you any money?
já:  And the last think I want to tell you: have a nice day in Lagos, Nigeria (according to your IP address)
chris:  thanks dirty pussy
já:  Not at all
chris:  you are a lier
your pussy stinks
já:  Now you made a mistake. I'm not a lier, I'm a lawyer. Maybe you are right with your judgement, maybe it stinks, but my brain still works. And that's important for me. Unfortunately not for you, I'm so sorry...
chris:  ok dirty pussy lawyer
já:  Oh, lot of fun for me and my colleagues in my boring law office! Thanks a lot!
chris:  yes you also lesbian
thats makes you a whore
já:  Lesbian! How did you recognize it? LOL!!! Now I have to finish our nice conversation. I have to have a lunch with my lesbian grlfriend. She's looking forward to hear about m great experience with you!
chris:  can i fuck you
já:  No, you can't. Firstly, you are in Lagos and I'min Prague. And secondly - you would fuck a lesbian whore? Oh, so disgusting!
chris:  yes sure
i will come to prague
and fuck the hell out of you
já:  Yes, I look forward to see you (and my lesbian girlfriend too).  Bye, I have no time left to spend my time with this conversation! Regards to Lagos!



#25 07.08.2011 20:57:54

Příspěvky: 665
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Místo: Kudlov
Motorka: KTM EXC 525
Věk: 43
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Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

To není řeč mého kmene to si nepočtu  mad 



#26 07.08.2011 21:13:56

Příspěvky: 1055
Založená vlákna
Místo: Valachia
Motorka: KTM 525 EXC
Věk: 36
6 0

Re: Divna reakce na inzerat


Je to pěkný parchant a myslí si, že to má dobře vymyšlené. a31 

Je třeba vyzkoušet všechno



#27 07.08.2011 21:14:32

Příspěvky: 157
Založená vlákna
Motorka: čína 125ccm
Věk: málo
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Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

jiriktm: … 69&act=url
Já to taky nepřeložím. a22 



#28 08.08.2011 09:11:09

Příspěvky: 898
Založená vlákna
Místo: Martin
Motorka: žiadna, ex YMH WR 250f, ex HSB FE 400
Věk: 32
5 1

Re: Divna reakce na inzerat


Hehe parádna konverzácia, na konci si mu pekne dala  ano. Presne ako aj v predchádzajúcich prípadoch. Keď zistí, že je odhalený, tak sa zmôže len na urážky  a31.



#29 20.09.2013 21:06:51

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Místo: Lysá pod Makytou, Púchov
Motorka: 690
Věk: 35
Tel: +421904249455
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Re: Divna reakce na inzerat

neplaťte nič cez PayPal !!! do 40 dní to môže stornovať

dnešok je včerajší zajtrajšok!!!
lidi jsou kurvy, mrdej a kradou
kéž by aspoň jednou za rok dorazila blbců sběrna (Kabát)



#30 20.09.2013 23:09:27

Chemik od oranžového jezera°°°
Příspěvky: 8201
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29 22

Re: Divna reakce na inzerat


kámo, 2 roky staré téma lol  ano 







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