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VOLNÁ REKLAMNÍ PLOCHA - dotazy pište na

Fórum → Divna reakce na inzerat   23.06.2011 22:06:09 | Vlákno má celkem: 29 příspěvků


po kratkom chate na gmaily, dospel az do tohto stadia, ale celkom som si ho vychutnala...

ja:  I have a cousin living in London, give me your phone number and he will call you regarding the purchase
mr:  oh thanks there is nothing to worry about
i have all the info i have with the car
so just get back to me with your full bank details or paypal to make the transfer
ja:  will you prepare the contract or should I?
mr:  the shipping company will handle that
i have already contact them and they are ready for the pick
ja:  Will you pay the transport fees?
mr:  yes they need just 300euro for the pick up and other arrangement
ja:  Can you pay cash to my cousin in London instead? I prefer this method.
mr:  hello
are you there?
ja:  yes
mr:  when are you goiung to send the details to make the transfer
ja:  Can you pay cash to my cousin in London instead?
mr:  i wont like a third party
i will like to pay direct to you
ja:  I can prepare power of attorney for him
mr:  who?
ja:  POA for my cousin the act on behalf me
mr:  dont you want to sale me this car?
ja:  yes I want but I want to be sure I get my money
mr:  sure whay wont you
payment before the pick up
ja:  Cash is always cash... even before car is shipped
mr:  but payment will be cleared before the pick up
ja:  you will resell the car? Or you want it for yourself?
mr:  its for my personal
i gave my wife the one i am using before which i also buy from here
and its very easy and good
ja:  is cash ok then?
mr:  bye
ja:  bye
mr:  asshole
ja:  me?
mr:  with regards
ja:  LOL
mr:  lol
are you educated at all?
i dont find a common sense in your words
you dont understand anything
ja:  I checked yourself on the internet... Common scam... lol
mr:  lol
ja:  Try to find out something smarter
mr:  can you please check your brain also?
you are brainless like your father
ja:  you poor...
mr:  like your father
mr:  go fuck your mother

Fórum → Divna reakce na inzerat   23.06.2011 22:03:11 | Vlákno má celkem: 29 příspěvků


Tak presne tento email som dostala dnse ja, lol.... po kratkej komunikacii o mojom aute, a tato diskusia mi fakt pomohla....

I'm satisfied with the condition of the vehicle. I will be paying you through PayPal
( or bank to bank transfer which is a fast, safe and reliable method
of payment.. And i will take care of all Shipment Preparations for the vehicle to my
home in England:

here is also my information below...

Name : Martin Eric Morgan
Address: 38 Manger Road
County: Islington
City: London
Post Code: N7 9TQ
Country: United Kingdom

So i will be paying directly into bank account without any delay. Get back to me with the details below :

Account Holder Name;
Account Number;
Bank Name:
Swift Code:


PayPal Email address
Cell Phone No.:
Total Cost of the item.

Or you can send me a paypal money request, so once i receive any of those details
i will go ahead with the payment and then i will contact my shipping company after
you get the payment. I will need your home address for the vehicle to be Picked Up
by the Shipping Company.

Have a nice day.


VOLNÁ REKLAMNÍ PLOCHA - dotazy pište na



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